Flick the Termite Issue from your Home with Pest Control

Human settlements are expected to see uninvited guests in their habitats. Among the variety of pests, termites are the most dangerous and destructive pests of the world which can find easily in your home.

Termites are usually known as “silent destroyers” of the home as they can secretly hide and thrive without any immediate sign of damage until the problem gets severe. 

Termites- Your Home Wrecker

Tiny, soft-bodied and pale creatures, termites are primarily designed to tear away tough cellulose materials. They can feed on books just as easily they can feed on cabinetry. There more than two hundred species of termites in the world. In Singapore, Coptotermes species are the most common that cause damage to property.

The most common types of termites are:
       ·         Subterranean
       ·         Dampwood
       ·         Drywood 

Irrespective of the construction type of your home, termites can easily cause infestation and devour it. A termite’s mouth has scissors-like jaws that help it to tear out hardwood apart. They work around the clock biting and chewing off small fragments of wood. 

You can easily get a destructive visit paid by the termites with the following:

       ·         Moisture- Termites especially subterranean, which build their colonies in the soil, are attracted to moisture. Standing water in or around the foundation of your house creates optimum conditions for termites to thrive. Besides this, leaky pipes, clogged gutters and roofs can also create a moist environment.

       ·         Wooden structures of your home- Any wood-like materials in contact with the exterior of your house can serve as an entry point for silent killers. 
     ·         Spaces in your house’s foundation, roof or walls- Termites take advantage of any breach in your home’s integrity in search of food and moisture. They just need a crack as thin as a blade to invade your home’s structure to eat away without any visible sign damage. This makes it very important to have pest control in your house.

Signs of Termite Infestation

Termites live in dark, humid and protected environments. They are largely found underground or within wooden structural platforms. Here are some common tell-tale signs that you have termites in your house:

  Ø  Mud Tubes
Subterranean termites like to build mud tubes or shelter tubes from the dirt of wood particles bind together by their saliva. These are commonly found on walls, attics, or attics running along a flat surface or hanging down vertically.

  Ø  Discarded wings 
Swarmers or reproductive members of termites’ colonies keep flying around to search for new places to breed. They cast off their wings when they find the right place to dig through the wood. If you spot discarded wings on the window sills or floor, it is a sign of the presence of an active colony of termites.

  Ø  Hollow sounding timbre 
Termites consume the wood from the inside out, working their way through the wood. As the part of the timbre is eaten away, it will sound hollow when you tap or knock it. This is the indication of the existence of a large active colony, which cannot be handled by your individual self.

Prevention of Termites’ Invasion

Let’s have a look at some of the prevention measures to keep the destructive creatures away from your sweet home. 

  Ø  Eliminate Moisture Creating Issues
Given the humid climate of the country, this may be hard to execute. However, you can still do your share to eliminate the optimum conditions where termites can flourish. Fix all the leaky faucets, air conditioning ducts, water pipes. Keeping all the vents clean and open, gutters and drainage system unclogged, and removing still water from the surroundings of your house can help in low moisture levels. Moreover, remove all the excessive plant cover and wood mulch around the house. 

  Ø  Eliminate contact of wood material with your home’s exterior
Keep a check on any vines, stumps, mulch, trellises or other exterior wood in the vicinity of your home and get rid of it. Your roof may be vulnerable to termite infestation if you reside in landed property. Trim off any tree limbs touching or resting on your roof or windows. Do not let any debris pile up near your house. Moreover, make sure the wood in your house should not come in contact with the soil. 

  Ø  Periodic Inspection
Since the termites have the ability to go undetected in the house, periodic monitoring reduces the chances of their infestation allowing you to act before the situation gets out of control. Inspect the wood in your house for hollowness. Have a keen eye on any loose or defective seals where an electrical conduit enters your house.
  Ø  Regular Pest Control
The most effective way of protecting your home from the invasion of termites is to get regular pest control treatments. Proactive treatment can help safeguard your home against future infestations. The service providers can educate you further to prevent termites in your house. 

After you suspect termites in your house

Termites are huge in numbers with colonies having two million members thriving strongly. Even a few are left untreated they can exponentially grow to form their new active colony. Therefore, rather than looking for DIY measures get a licensed pro from the platform of best pest control companies for treatment and be termite-free. The professionals have various technologies to identify the spread and eliminate them with strong chemicals. 

Chemical treatments are necessary to kill termites. These pesticides, if not used wisely, can enter the water system of your home which can be hazardous to you and your family members. Therefore, professionals are required who have the full knowledge of termite biology, habits and build-up. 

It is strongly advised to get your home inspected and treated at the first sign of infestation only before the situation worsens. The pest control specialist can be recommended remedial treatments depending upon the severity of the matter. The termite treatments used are safe and effectively responsive.

Not fear them more

You put in a lot of effort, energy, and money to build your home. So, without any doubt, you definitely don’t want uninvited damage-causing guests in your beautiful home. Take the preventive measures and act immediately on the first signs of infestation.
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