How to start your Own Web Hosting Business

With the emergence of the Internet in all of life and the growth of global e-commerce, entrepreneurs are looking for a web hosting company that offers cost-effective, managed services that can enhance their presence on the Internet which have an extensive audience.

Step#1:  How many types of hosting you are going to provide?

From shared hosting to dedicated servers to colocation functions. Determine the range of products that you know and can classify and manage the products easily.

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Step#2: What are the plans and pricing that you are going to offer for your hosting packages?

Look for competitors to see what services they offer at what price. Choose a price and package that can compete in the market while maintaining fair prices for you and your customers.

Step#3: There should be a plan for client handling

It can be a WHMCS panel that optimizes all website orders and customer service or similar.

Step#4: Get a cost-effective ISP for your leased line so that you get progress in your hosting business

Bandwidth is a key constraint that all hosting providers are at the center of their hosting business. For this reason, it is essential to set up an ISP that can provide a reasonable price band with a 99.99% IP pool availability service level agreement.

Step#5: Plan how will you purchase bandwidth?

Purchasing bandwidth is one of the most significant aspects of your business strategy because it is the most important resource in the hosting industry and you can determine your sales techniques. Web. First, if you buy a bandwidth of about 10 Mbps, you can have about 1,000 VPS accounts, so decide your overall budget based on your bandwidth.

Step#6: Consider an investment in power supply seriously

Your hosting account must be live 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week so it will be in the highest energy consumption range. In an emergency, think about how you want to keep these accounts. Given these considerations, power should be an important part of your investment.

Step#7: Plan for hardware purchases

Because most providers do not charge for installation, it is essential for dedicated VPS and shared hosting companies to acquire hardware and balance the different accounts for their needs. If you can get the best deal for a hardware purchase, you can save a considerable amount of money.

Step#8: Consider licensing acquisitions

For example, a vendor should choose a product line that he or she commits. CPanel customers with a Linux VPS Hosting account may have different license fees for each vendor depending on the transaction cost. The price range for all these licensing purchases is a synopsis of bandwidth pricing (cost per customer) and product sharing decision-making strategies (dedicated hosting versus shared hosting versus VPS) to provide a complete overview of the price range.

Step#9: Have an estimation about support team costs

In 10 accounts management is not a problem. But if your business grows and you have a lot of tickets to fix, you need a strong support team. Support is a very detailed look at the customer, so most customers who choose a monthly contract warn about the number of accounts that earn repeat revenue. As a result, as your customer base grows, maintaining a portion of your budget to attract system administrators is a good strategy for maintaining your business.

Step#10: Make your existence felt among competing and web hosting business

The most interesting part of a streamlined business strategy decision is competition. Be a competitive provider, keep your existing customers happy, attract new customers, and feel your presence in community and web hosting forums.

Which dedicated server should I buy?

It is a very important question that which type of dedicated server should a person buy. If you are looking for a dedicated server or you ever bought any dedicated server in your life, then you could understand the gravity of the matter. This decision can produce a great impact on your website.
So, few things keep in your mind while going for the selection of any dedicated server. Here is the detail of those things. 

Self-Managed Servers

It will be a great thing if your server is self-managed. You should select a server from that hosting company which offers you a fully managed server. Fully managed servers through proactive monitoring and consistent maintenance and management of servers from the initial configuration.

IPMI Control Panel

A man should buy hosting form that company who provide IPMI control panel for your server. IPMI provides full control of the server for a reboot, OS reload, and server convenience (KVM). From this control panel, you can configure alerts, monitor hardware status, and control all aspects of the server directly.

Quality Super micro Hardware

Many vendors want to cut costs by reducing the quality of hardware and providing cost-effective equipment like desktop hardware. You should be aware of these types of hosting providers. Always choose a hosting provider that offers only the best micro hardware, motherboards and power supplies. It may be a burden at first, but in the end, it is better to invest in the best ingredients because it saves money and headache!

Flexible, Custom Servers Builds

Go for such hosting companies who give you an edge of customization means when you need a unique server with particular facilities than hosting company accommodate you with your need.

Cisco Firewall Protection

The entire network of your hosting company should be protected with a Cisco firewall that can automatically block DOS and DDoS attacks and protect you from attacks within your network.

Pro-Active Monitoring & Support

The hosting company must also have a proactive monitoring system that monitors all services running on the server. If there is a problem with the server, the hosting company should have a technician who can identify the problem and troubleshoot it without user intervention.

Free Migration Assistance

If you leave other providers, you are worried about the migration process. The hosting company must completely handle the configuration of the new server, all data migration, verification, server optimization and coordination after all the traffic has spread to the new server.

Quick Setup Times

A hosting company which has a quick setup time. A company should take maximum 4 hours to set up the order of server unless you demanded a too unique server.

100% Network Uptime SLA

A hosting company which has 100% uptime for its servers is best. And it should go down only in rare cases and no more than a minute.

Bottom Line

A web hosting company E Web Guru has all the features that are mentioned above and also give free SSL certificate to its clients which worth is about 149$. E Web Guru is a complete solution for your website which has a wide range of servers with up to date technology.
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