What Are The Top 7 Mobile Marketing Strategy?

What Are The Top 7 Mobile Marketing Strategy?:-

With over billions of smartphones being used by the Internet users, mobile marketing makes more sense now than ever. It basically means that you are selling, advertising, or purchasing any services or, as a matter of fact, products using mobile devices as classified. Since every business wants to be in the top position, a mobile can certainly be used to promote your products and services.

Businesses have already begun leveraging mobile platforms to advertise their products and services with the development of android applications and iOS applications. However, it is just one of the techniques. Here are a couple of mobile marketing strategies that you should use to target mobile-audience: Visit Best Mobile Under 5000

1) Advertise Using Google Adword:-

Google Adwords offer businesses to start their advertising campaigns on specific mobile devices. Business owners can advertise for particular mobile devices and platforms. Besides, mobile-users' CPC has increased over the years compared to desktops. So, this can be beneficial for your business' promotion. However, make sure that you have pulled out enough data about your targeted audience so you can hit the right people with the right advertisement using Google Adwords.

2) Develop Mobile Apps:-

Google has recently shifted its strategies of indexing search engines from desktop users to mobile users, which makes it much important for businesses to give their online store a face of the mobile store. The first step towards this would be seeking help in iOS or Android mobile app development as these two are the major platforms used by mobile users. However, creating a mobile app requires a ton of expertise and can bring an additional cost to your business as well.

3) Advertise Via Google Mobile App Campaigns:-

Developing an Android or iOS app for your business is not enough alone. The marketing of your app is equally important to ensure it reaches the right audience by being among the top apps on both the platforms. Besides ranking, its aesthetics and inclusiveness also matter a lot. If you have hired a good iOS or Android application development service, chances are your business will already be getting a universal functionality and appealing design.

Mobile app engagement campaign includes all kinds of activities to increase your app's reach to the market. It encourages users to download your apps, and share it with others for more downloads. It includes most of the Google network.

4) Use Facebook Mobile Ads:-

With millions of people using Facebook every day, it becomes important for businesses to advertise on this platform to gain potential customers. Facebook also allows a feature named FacebookMobile Ads for businesses to target its millions of base customers with advertisements. If you take a look at your Facebook profile, you will notice that while scrolling down the feeds there are many promotional articles and videos. This is how Facebook can advertise your business as well; on the news feeds of people who are somewhat related to your business.

5) Use Mobile Games To Promote Your Business:-

The number of people using gaming apps is probably countless. If you have ever played a game online or a downloaded version, you probably have seen some advertisements, usually at the beginning or at the end of the game. This is one of the techniques for mobile marketing. Businesses leverage game platforms to advertise their products or services, or both. However, the important point while choosing this tactic of mobile marketing is keeping the end-user in mind. Make sure your advertisement isn't bothering the gamers. Instead, it should be relevant to the game too.

6) Use messages:-

SMSs have probably the highest open rate than any other advertisement. It is one of the most popular and effective ways of selling and advertising of products and services.  The popularity of SMS service can be credited to, a ) everyone (almost) uses a mobile phone, b) it is a popular service to interact with multiple people. c) messages are read instantly. When marketing with messages, ensure that your content is relevant and appealing to the users you are targeting. Else, all the efforts would go in vain. Pick out people who have opted for your business' news, and shoot them with the message.

8) Push Notifications:-

Push notifications are the kind of messages that flash on a user's mobile display automatically. It is considered one of the most powerful mobile marketing techniques. This was launched by Apple to contact their customers. The good thing about using this tactic is you can find users who have downloaded a particular app relevant to your business and target them with push notifications.

9) Share Offers Via Wireless Services:-

A popular wireless technology, Bluetooth is quite beneficial in mobile marketing as it allows marketers to advertise their products or services via Bluetooth messages. It includes video, ringtone, barcode, text, and many other mobile supporting files. Though Bluetooth technique has become quite old, it is still helpful if an end-user can give you permission to advertise your product or services on his/her mobile platform.

10) Create Mobile-Friendly Websites:-

As smartphone users are increasing, the first step you should take is to create your website mobile-friendly so as to enhance the user-experience of your website every time someone opens your website. Besides, if your business doesn't necessarily require an app, you can shift your focus to creating a mobile-friendly website. It will serve your user the experience of an app. When making a mobile-friendly website, ensure that it runs on different device and browsers as well different browsing habits such as the increasingly popular ad blocking or VPN technology. Also, check if all the functions are working properly by doing a beta-testing of your website.


Mobile marketing has grown from leaps to bounds in the past couple of years because of the growing population of mobile users. If you haven't really caught up in the wave of this advertising, you surely are losing on a lot. Jump on the bandwagon before it gets too late. Use these tips to get started with the mobile marketing, and you will find yourself growing with the pace. Feel free to share your comments on mobile marketing for our other readers as well!

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